The whole concept of the Emo Revival created quite a stir over the last six months. In addition to the awesome music that is finally getting attention during this resurgence, some of the emo forefathers are back, doing reissues and reunion tour. Call it a trend or just impeccable timing, it’s the longtime fans of the genre that are benefitting. Braid took it one step further, releasing a brand new LP via Topshelf Records last month as well as going on tour! Catching their show in Asbury Park, NJ, it was incredible to see the broad fan-base, ranging from fans that have been behind them since the beginning to the kids in high school that I am pretty sure I saw at a Modern Baseball show. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been listening to Braid, they will impress you with their high energy set that was the perfect mix of new songs and old.
Chris and Bob were nice enough to jam with The Garden Statement before the July 23rd show at The Asbury Lanes! Check out the acoustic session below. Huge thanks to Chris, Bob, and the rest of Braid for hanging out and playing for us! Also, shout out to our dude Allan from The Syndicate for making cool things happen.