The Garden Statement resides in Trenton, NJ, a city in the crossroads of the some of the best punk scenes in the country. It really seems like something is in the water as New Jersey and Pennsylvania churns out some of the most influential bands the genre has seen. Growing up, I thought it was the coolest thing that I went to the same high school as the drummer of Senses Fail. I don’t know if I ever fully appreciated the fact that I would travel all over the place on weekends to see a show in New Jersey and then hop on a train to NYC the next night to catch another tour that was going through town. Since coming to college, I have had the pleasure to learn all about the Philly punk scene and the unreal atmosphere it offers. With all of the people I’ve met, shows I’ve seen, and bands I’ve interviewed, I’ve come to realize just how important and influential this local scene is.

The bands that come out of this environment are unlike any others in the country, surrounded by an insanely talented yet incredibly tight-knit community. Perhaps it is the passionate fan bases that surround this place that push bands to the next level, the unwavering support during every opening gig or album release show at a VFW. Maybe it is the insurmountable amount of talent from peers that inspires them and motivates them to work through the long nights of writing or tired days of working to fund a self-release. Whatever it is, the only people not working hard enough to support these bands are the press. Instead of giving these bands some appreciation, spotlighting incredible music, and taking note of who to look out for next, it seems many are too concerned with ominous tweets about an ex-band member’s girlfriend or trying to continue the circular argument of whether or not emo is being revived.

With all this being said, The Garden Statement is trying to do our part to send some positive press to the most deserving bands in this local scene. I am continuously impressed with the dedication and sheer skill with rising bands from the area and hope that our listeners/blog readers from across the world can get a taste of what this community has to offer.  If you know or are a part of a stellar NJ band, email me at to be considered for a feature.

~ Madison

-On Your Marks (Oceanport, NJ)
-Falling Through the Center of the Earth (West Milford, NJ)