Well, well, well, here we are at the beginning of the new year. 2018 will be a year of conclusions long overdue, as we see The 1975’s trilogy of albums reach its end, while the Avengers will begin to close out their saga against Thanos in Infinity War. It will be a year of rebirth, as we’ll see The Gaslight Anthem Return to the stage for the first time in four years, while The Dangerous Summer will be back with their first album since the same year. Most of all, hopefully, it will be a year of great new music. Lots of bands will be returning from a long slumber, starting with Pianos Become the Teeth and leading up to The Wonder Years later this year. It’s a year full of intrigue, so read on to see what’s got our attention in 2018!


Fall Out Boy – Mania
Release Date: January 19
The band surprisingly admitted they delayed the release of Mania due to the lukewarm (at best) reception to its first two singles, “Young and Menace” and “Champion.” In that regard, we should be happy that Fall Out Boy have always been a band out to prove themselves to everyone. While I’ll admit American Beauty/American Psycho  wasn’t my favorite of their releases, Fall Out Boy are still Emo Hall of Famers, and anything they put out is something you should pay close attention to. -Donald


The Dangerous Summer – The Dangerous Summer
Release Date: January 26
Finally free from the drama that consumed their undeniable talents, The Dangerous Summer are ready to make their return to a scene full of bands they’ve influenced immensely. The first two tracks “Fire” and “Ghosts” are both cut from the same cloth you’ve come to expect from the band, so it’s safe to say this album should hold up with the rest of their decorated discography. -Donald


Brian Fallon – Sleepwalkers
Release Date: February 9
Before The Gaslight Anthem reunite to celebrate The ’59 Sound, their frontman has his own business to attend to, releasing his second album under his own name. Sleepwalkers seems to be more upbeat and punk influenced than the slowed-down Americana on Painkillers, so fans should expect to get their dancing shoes ready for this one. -Donald


Pianos Become the Teeth – Wait for Love
Release Date: February 16
After Keep You found the band shedding thier screamo label in favor of moody, melodic emo, Pianos Become the Teeth made a big statement about how talented they truly are. With such a wide range of options at thier disposal, Pianos Become the Teeth may be on to something truly special with Wait for Love. First single “Charisma” and follow-up “Bitter Red” are brimming with nervous energy, and Kyle Durfey’s vocals are evolving wonderfully with each release. You may not know them right now, but you’ll need to give Wait for Love its proper chance come February. -Donald


Senses Fail – If There is Light, It Will Find You
Release Date: February 16
An album that Buddy Nielson himself has described as the album that should have been released between Let It Enfold You and Still SearchingIf There is Light, It Will Find Yousure has big shoes to fill. Nielson wrote this entire album on his own, a first for his passion project, and with the band’s last two albums taking a turn toward straight-up hardcore, it should be interesting to see what Senses Fail cook up this time around. -Donald


The Wonder Years – TBA
Release Date: TBA
I don’t have a ton of information on The Wonder Years for you right now, but the band did say in late 2018 that they were taking an extended break to complete work on what will become their 6th official full-length (though the band wishes that first one didn’t count). 2015’s No Closer to Heaven saw the band take a few more chances to branch out from their typical pop-punk formula, and the results were stull up to par with the rest of their work. It will be interesting to see what the band decide to do with their talents, though some serious summer anthems should still be expected.

Have Mercy – TBA
Release Date: TBA
I said I didn’t have much information about The Wonder Years, right? Well, I have less about Have Mercy. But, if you’ve been keeping up with frontman Brian Swindle on Twitter, you’ll see that he’s been hard at work on new songs. It would be difficult to imagine that nothing would come of these recording sessions, and it would be illogical that these songs won’t see the light of day in 2018. While it could just be an EP, any new Have Mercy is a good thing, so I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open all year. -Donald


The 1975 – Music For Cars
Release Date: TBA
This is pretty simple. The 1975’s last two albums were my personal Albums of the Year in 2014 and 2016. Their third full-length will be titled Music for Cars, the name of my favorite of the band’s four EPs. This album is going to close out what frontman Matty Healy has called the trilogy of albums about his life. If you know anything about this band, then you know that this album is going to be great. The 1975 should have earned must-listen status from everyone a long time ago, but this should be the final piece of evidence you need that they are the best and most forward-thinking band in the world right now.-Donald


The impossibly-long wait for #CHV3 is nearly over. With the recording process having taken over a year and CHVRCHES having been off the road for that entire time (an eternity for the hard-touring band), we are all ready to hear what the band has in store for their follow-up to the remarkable Every Open Eye. They’ve described it as both their most pop and their most aggressive and vulnerable at once. My guess is they’re never going to make a song as euphoric as “Clearest Blue” again, but I’d love to be proved wrong. -Craig

Animal Flag – TBA

The best band not enough people are listening to, Animal Flag is set to release their second LP, and first proper full-length (2016’s LP was a collection of the band’s first two EPs). Their pulverizing mix of post-rock and heart-crushing emotional songwriting shows a tremendous amount of potential and I can’t wait to bang my head along to this record. If the songs I’ve heard them play live from the record are any indication, this could be the best album released this year.-Craig

Maggie Rogers – TBA

The artist that created my favorite song of 2017 is currently putting the finishing touches on her first full-length album. I’m not sure how many songs from the Now that the Light Is Fading EP are going to make it on to the eventual album, but I can promise you that if the songs that do make the cut are as good as “Dog Years” and the stand-alone single “Split Stones” we are in store for something truly special. Rogers just has a one-of-a-kind voice and a way of presenting her lyrics in a way that is wholly without equal. -Craig

Twenty One Pilots – TBA

Everyone knows the follow-up to Blurryface is coming this year. The world’s most energetic band took a bit of a step back in my mind of Blurryface from Vessel, one of my favorite records of the decade. But they still have the potential to make an album of the year contender, as long as Tyler Joseph brings his best pop songwriting chops to the table and they can cut a bit of the fat that Blurryface struggled with cutting. While it may not live up to the hype, whatever Twenty One Pilots does next will be endlessly fascinating and done with so much character that it’s hard not to root for them.

Black Foxxes -reiði

Release Date – March 16, 2018

The only album with a definitive release date and lead single out I decided to write about for this project, Black Foxxes return with their second album. “I’m Not Well” blew my mind two years ago. I had no clue what to expect then, and their “I’m Like a Virgin”-era Manchester Orchestra climactic bursts had me head-over-heels. But now the difficult task is still continuing to blow my mind when I am hotly anticipating it instead of listening with low expectations. Now hopefully we can get them to come across to the other side of the Atlantic for a tour? -Craig

La Dispute – TBA

In late November last year, La Dispute announced they had recorded an album with Will Yip and would be sharing more info soon. It’s been almost 2 months and still no more info, but surely we can expect the follow-up to Rooms of the House this coming year. If the past two La Dispute albums present the trajectory the band is on, we could be in for one of the best post-hardcore albums ever made. Rooms of the House was a masterpiece from start-to-somber-finish. “Woman (In Mirror)” is still one of my favorite songs ever. Tiny dots on an endless timeline. -Craig

Now, Now – TBA

Speaking of impossibly long waits for albums, it was bad enough of Now, Now to disappear after they released the all-time stone cold classic Threads. But then to come back down from the heavens with the euphoric “SGL” and the incessantly catchy “Yours” only to still leave us holding our breathe for an album release date was just exceedingly cruel. ANNOUNCE THE ALBUM ALREADY. -Craig

Petal – TBA

Petal’s Kiley Lotz is one of the most promising young songwriters out there, and she has battled through tremendous adversity and personal trauma to reach this point, where she has begun work on her follow-up full-length to the otherworldly Shame LP. The next full-length comes on the heels of her Comfort EP, where she stripped things down to just her ethereal voice and a simple guitar or piano accompaniment. No word yet on what the sound palette will be on the full-length.-Craig

Foxing – TBA

It’s been three years since Foxing released their haunting sophomore full-length Dealer. As we step into the next era of the band, it comes with the unfortunate news that one of the band’s main songwriters, bassist Josh Coll, has decided to step away from the band to pursue professional filmmaking. While it’s too soon to tell what effect that decision will have on the band’s sound going forward, we do know that Foxing have been hard at work on their next album for the better part of last year (with a brief break to support Manchester Orchestra on their Black Mile to the Surface tour, which I’m still heartbroken didn’t come to St. Louis- the hometown I now share with Foxing). I’ve been hunting down clips of Foxing performing new songs live for the better part of 8 months now, and I’m just so ready to have this album out in the world to listen to while driving down quiet, dark streets at night. -Craig