To celebrate Record Store Day, The Garden Statement is bringing you our most anticipated releases that we will hopefully be picking up this Saturday! Take a look at what Craig and Donald are looking to find this weekend, and let us know what you’re picking up in the comments!


Craig: Everyone has their little family traditions that seem to take on added significance the longer they go on. One of my traditions I have with my family is that my mom and I go together to a new record store every Record Store Day. This first started back in the spring of 2011, after I started collecting vinyl. It was to be my first record store day, and there were a bunch of items I was hoping to get, but alas disaster struck. I had a lacrosse game scheduled for that morning and I would have to miss Record Store Day. My literal angel of a mother decided she would wait outside of Vintage Vinyl for more than 3 hours in the cold to see if she could get me the records I was looking for. Ever since then, we’ve gone to a different location every year for Record Store Day (Doylestown, Manhattan, Bordentown, and more). I don’t know where we’ll be this year yet, but I know it will be somewhere celebrating independent record stores.

Anyway with all that said, Don asked me if I wanted to pick a few records that I’ll be looking for in stores this Record Store Day, and while I don’t think as many of the exclusives stick out to me this year, there are still plenty of awesome records that will be available on Saturday. Here are some of my favorites:


Thrice – Sea Change

Basically since the moment they finished their farewell tour before their hiatus, I have wanted Thrice to reunite. One of my all-time favorite bands, I knew they still had it in them to release great albums again. Then, after seeing them twice on their reunion festival run (once at Skate and Surf and another at Riot Fest Toronto), I knew I needed to hear what a Thrice album would sound like today. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long, as they shocked the world in announcing that they would have an album out not long after that run of shows, titled To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere. And it was an absolute banger of a record. There aren’t enough flame emojis in the keyboard for how lit the Thrice reunion record was. Dustin Kensrue has never sounded better than he did on “Stay With Me” and the grooves were never tighter than they were on “Black Honey” and “Hurricane”. Basically, I just want more. Luckily, I’m getting it in the form of a To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere B-side they are releasing for Record Store Day called “Sea Change.” If it’s anywhere near the level of the rest of the songs from the TBEITBN sessions, get ready for a ripper. And then to add to that, the B-side is a studio quality recording of this awesome live “Black Honey” performance, which you can watch below. Sign me up.

Space Jam Soundtrack

This was the first movie I can distinctly remember loving. There has been a rash of slander thrown its way the past few years with people saying “It’s not a good movie” or “Michael Jordan couldn’t act more wooden in this movie if he tried” or “They somehow made a movie in which Bill Murray isn’t funny” or “The music actually sucked” or “Looney Toons are B-rate cartoon characters” and to all of those criticisms I say… well, you might be right, but I don’t care because this movie is perfect and nothing you can say will change my mind on that. And that goes for the soundtrack as well. A 90s nostalgia-core and jock jams filled powerhouse with everything from a Seal rendition of a Steve Miller Band song to R. Kelly’s world beating “I Believe I Can Fly” to the Quad City DJs “snapshot of a moment in time” “Space Jam” which could not possibly sound more like 1996 in music, to weirdly… “That’s the Way (I Like It)”. Record Store Day is the ultimate nostalgia trip, and nothing say 90s nostalgia more than the Space Jam soundtrack. Instant purchase for me.

Against Me! – “Stabitha Christie / First High of the Morning” (Picture Disc)

Any time the most important punk band in the world releases new music, it’s cause for celebration. But when that most important punk band in the world releases new music AND it’s on Record Store Day, that becomes an instant purchase for me. Against Me! released what is by my count one of the two or three seminal punk albums of this millenium in Transgender Dysphoria Blues a few years ago, and then followed it up with one of my favorite albums of last year, Shape Shift With Me. Vocalist Laura Jane Grace also released her memoir, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout, which has been on my reading list for months and I will definitely read this summer. Billboard already called it “One of the 100 Greatest Music Books.” And now, they celebrate independent record stores with two new songs, including the hilariously titled “Stabitha Christie.” At this point, they’ve earned my trust in that no matter what Against Me! put out, I will probably love it, so I will be picking this up for sure.

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon London ’75

This 4 x LP box set contains one of the most iconic sets of the most iconic rock band in history. This show, which was originally immortalized as part of the Live 75-85 Box Set, the greatest selling live-album in music history, was the E-Street band’s first ever show outside of the United States of America. It’s hard not to feel like this was the moment when the troubadour from the Jersey Shore took over the world. Containing perhaps the definitive rendition of “Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” as well as an enviable selection of the best songs from Springsteen’s first three studio albums, this box set is really a must own for big fans of The Boss, at least as a marking of some of the earliest beginnings of the legend that he would become. I know the price tag will likely be outrageous, but if I can swing it, I will be picking this up Saturday to go along with my copy of Live 75-85

Donald: I can’t believe how good the Record Store Day releases are this year. I will admit that I typically am not eager to get out of bed for any reason, but there are quite a few releases that Craig and I are going to tell you about in this post that I’m waking up a mere four hours after my normal bed time to scoop up. I’m excited to see what I can actually pick up, and what other treasures I’ll find. Happy hunting, everyone!

Balance and Composure – Slow Heart

At this point, any time we get new music from Balance and Composure is a great time. So even though we’ll only get to hear two songs on Slow Heart, songs that are likely remnants from the recording sessions that produced Light We Made, Balance and Composure have earned the right for us to consider anything they release a must-listen. This is a band that is truly beginning to push their limits creatively, and that is reaping great rewards for the band and their fans alike. Featuring the aching “Run From Me,” an instant contender for the band’s best song, Slow Heart gives us even more reason to sing the praises of one of the best bands around. Check out “Run From Me” below.

All Time Low – MTV Unplugged
The short-live MTV Unplugged revival came and went without making the impact anyone hoped it would, but there’s no denying that some good came from it. It was during this session with All Time Low that I realized that the band was more than just a teenage phenomenon — rather, they were capable of much more. With wonderful renditions of “Weightless” and “Jasey Rae,” and the surprise appearance from Cassadee Pope (right before she won The Voice) on “Remembering Sunday,” All Time Low won me over in a big way with this session, and I can’t wait to add it to my collection.

Toto – Africa (12-inch picture disc cut to look like Africa)

Let’s face it, there’s a bit of excessive consumerism that is implied on Record Store Day. While some releases serve a purpose to fill a collection or to release an older album for the first time, others are a flat-out cash grab and nothing more. Sure, it’s awesome that this sleeper 80s classic is getting a beautiful pressing treatment, but do you really need it? I didn’t think so. That being said, this would be a really cool piece to add to your collection, as anyone who rummages through your shelves at home is sure to get a kick out of it. The addition of the band’s other big single “Rosanna” on the B-Side, complete with a picture of Rosanna Arquette (the song title’s inspiration) makes this a very fun, very unnecessary, but very intriguing release that encompasses the best and worst of Record Store Day all at once.

Coheed and Cambria – Good Apollo, I’m Buring Star IV: Volume 1 – From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

The album that launched Coheed and Cambria into modern rock stardom was release juuuussssstttt a bit too early to get the vinyl treatment (perhaps a cost-cutting move from Columbia, the major label that Coheed released the album through), but the time has come for this unbelievable release to get its long-overdue release on the best format to listen to it. An expansive effort that will be released on two LPs, Coheed and Cambria are giving fans their first crack at it on Record Store Day, and those lucky enough to pick it up (hopefully me) will have a new crown jewel in their collections. IF you miss out on this one, don’t worry, though, as the band will be releasing their own variant through their webstore, and while they are out on the Neverender tour in support of the album. Good Apollowas the album where Coheed and Cambria became one of my favorite bands, and I can’t wait to own it on vinyl this Saturday.