Warped 15


Greetings, gardeners! We’ve been hard at work over the last week or so, and it’s finally time to start rolling out our 2015 Vans Warped Tour coverage! Today, we’ve got photo galleries from Senses Fail, While She Sleeps, and Being as an Ocean. It was a great day for a concert, as the July heat had everyone riled up for some mosh pits and general aggression, and these three bands certainly brought it.

Up first was the recently-crowned “Best Underground Band” at the APMAs, Being as an Ocean. Their third full-length was released in late June, and the fans that were able to catch their stage-opening set were met with the band’s emotional hardcore early and often. Vocalist Joel Quartuccino was in the pit by the time the band began their third song. It was a powerful set that started the day off incredibly well.

One of the more interesting aspects of Warped Tour, for me, is seeing which bands get the Main Stage bump. In order to ensure that fans get a chance to see the bands who were originally billed for the Main Stage, Warped Tour will “call up” a band from another stage to play early in the day on the bigger stage. At times, they pick a band who has been seeing larger crowds than any other band on their stage. In other instances, it’s a band that gets chosen at random, or a band that the tour feels would do well on the stage. Whichever catgory While She Sleeps falls into, they deserved a shot on the Main Stage, and made the most of it at Holmdel. Playing their British blend of metal, the band’s vocalist Lawrence Taylor did an excellent job getting the crowd assembled in front of the Shark Stage rowdy, whipping his hair around and thrashing about. I’ll be honest, I had no idea who this band was or what they sounded like until I started snapping photos of them, but they’ve made a believer out of me. Give them a shot and they’ll do the same for you, too.

Up next is a band that has always been among the loudest bands in the scene, both on and off the stage, Senses Fail. The band have undergone a complete lineup overhaul over the past few years, and that has resulted in a change in their sound as well. Despite all the new faces onstage, frontman Buddy Neilson’s chaotic stage presence has remained constant, and the band’s career-spanning set left any fan of the band satisfied.

Well, what’d you think of the photos? Did we not include your favorite band on Warped Tour this year? Worry not, friends, because we’ll have even more photos coming to you within the next few days, including photos of Have Mercy, PVRIS, and The Wonder Years! Stay tuned!