Warped 15At last, our Warped Tou

r photos have reached their conclusion. If you missed anything we posted last week, you missed photo galleries of Being as an Ocean, Senses Fail, and While She Sleeps, and another gallery of Man Overboard, Silverstein, and Have Mercy. Today, we’re saving the best for last, as we’re posting galleries from my two favorite sets of the day, PVRIS and The Wonder Years!

Up first is a band who have now spent their last two runs on Warped Tour on the Main Stage, The Wonder Years. The premier name in pop-punk these days, The Wonder Years continue to prove why they deserve every bit of attention they get, thanks to an energetic set that spanned nearly their entire 10-year career. That career looks to add even more mystique to itself this year, with the band’s fourth full-length No Closer To Heaven set to be released in September. The band played the first single from the album, “Cardinals,” to a trousing crowd reaction, and it seems that The Wonder Years are poised to climb even higher this year.


Speaking of a band on the rise, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a band’s rise come quicker than what PVRIS have done. Just last year, They were playing the Ernie Ball stage for a week’s worth of Warped dates. This year, they were garnering such large crowds on the Journey’s Stage, they were permanently moved to the Main Stage about halfway through the tour. Their crowd in New Jersey was an easy way to see why, as they drew arguably the biggest, loudest crowd of the day. Their meteoric rise cannot be overstated, and it’s been really fun to see PVRIS take this scene by storm. Something tells me, though, that they’re far from finished.

Well, that’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed these Warped photos. Still didn’t get enough Warped Tour coverage? Well, you’re in luck, because there’s still more where that came from.! We’ve still got plenty of interviews and acoustic sessions coming at you, so stay tuned!