Back in the halcyon days (pun intended) of the third emo era in 2005, spearheaded by My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade and Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree, Hidden in Plain View, a little emo group from the forestland of Northwestern New Jersey took the world by storm with their debut full-length album Life In Dreaming. Released on Drive-Thru Records, the release marks one of the last great moments of the landmark label’s catalog. Full of youthful exuberance and excellent craftsmanship, the record has stood the test of time.

After an ill-fated break-up and the posthumous release of their critically maligned, yet ultimately promise, second full-length Resolution, the band seemed as though they would fade into obscurity, joining bands like Allister and Northstar as bands that were highly regarded at their time of their career, but were never given a fair chance at mainstream impact.

However, as stated earlier, Life In Dreaming has become something of a genre staple, in part due to it sounding unbelievably contemporary in comparison to it’s peers albums, which at this point seem dated. He long-lasting success of Life In Dreaming lead to a vinyl re-release last year, which led to a few reunion shows, one in Philadelphia, and one in New Jersey (both of which I was lucky enough to attend.)

I give you this back story to provide a narrative for just how incredible an occurrence the next step of the story. Seven full years, and one extended hiatus, later, Hidden In Plain View has released a new song. Titled “No Way Out,” the track is a natural progression from Resolution. And upbeat behemoth of a track which combines some electronic frills with a driving bassline and a relentlessly catchy chorus, it definitely draws some influence from Story of The Year’s The Black Swan, taking the best elements of that record and combining them with what made fans fall in love with Hidden In Plain View in the first place. The call and response vocals from vocalist Joe Reo and guitarist Rob Freeman are as tight as ever.

The MVP of the track though is drummer Spencer Peterson, who puts together perhaps the best performance of his career. He punctuates the end of each verse with a pulverizing drum fill, before shepherding the group into the devastatingly climactic outro of the track, before closing with an intricate little drum roll.

If Hidden In Plain View plans on releasing more music in the near future, I know record labels like Rise and Hopeless are probably already putting them on speed-dial. Hopefully “No Way Out” is just the beginning of a stunningly great comeback album from one of the most deserving bands of the emo era. As it stands though, “No Way Out” is not just one of the best songs of the year, it is a standout track of the band’s career.

You can listen to the track below, and you can purchase it through the band’s bandcamp page: