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Donald's Top Albums of 2017

Donald’s Top Albums of 2017

  Happy New Year! With 2018 underway, I felt it was time to bid fond farewell to the “new” releases we heard first in 2017, so here we are. If you remember from my list last year, I have decided to do away with a numbered ranking of my favorite albums. It seems unfair to...
Show Review: The Menzingers at Vintage Vinyl

Show Review: The Menzingers at Vintage Vinyl

Among the many hidden treasures that New Jersey offers, perhaps the most important for fans of any music is Vintage Vinyl. In addition to its impressive, massive collection of albums new and old, the record store off of Route 1 in Fords boasts a stage, sound system, and a staff that consistently brings the best...
Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Welcome back, friends! Last week’s Top Albums of 2017 post was a blast to make, and now we’re back with the albums I’m looking forward to the most in the remaining 11 months of 2017. January was a pretty uneventful month (save for the Code Orange and Japandroids albums that I’ll be checking out soon),...
Craig's Top 50 Songs of 2016 (Pt. 2)

Craig’s Top 50 Songs of 2016 (Pt. 2)

Welcome back to Pt. 2 of my Top Songs of the Year List. If you missed Part 1 with my #50-26 songs of the year, you can check that out here. As is always the case, I have also only included one song per album on this list, so as to spread the wealth and...
Photo Gallery/Show Review: Bayside, The Menzingers, and Sorority Noise at Starland Ballroom

Photo Gallery/Show Review: Bayside, The Menzingers, and Sorority Noise at Starland Ballroom

In support of their new album Vacancy, which was released the day before, Bayside continued their trend of building fantastic tour packages that not only highlighted some of the best upcoming acts in our scene, but showcased their own talents and showmanship as well.
Show Review: RatFest 2015

Show Review: RatFest 2015

About two years ago, Cub Rat hosted the first ever RatFest on the Sundial Lawn just mere steps from the restaurant which granted the concert its namesake. The original event brought together two New Jersey pop-punk tastemakers of different eras- the stalwarts in Saves the Day and the up-and-coming face of the “Defend Pop Punk”...
Throwback Thursdays: Craig's Top Albums of 2012 Re-Ranked

Throwback Thursdays: Craig’s Top Albums of 2012 Re-Ranked

Here we are again with our newest feature Throwback Thursday, and this week  looking back at my 2012 top albums list and looking for answers as to why I ranked certain albums where (Why is Go Radio a top 10 album for example?) 2012 was a year of big changes in my life. I began...
2014 Recap: Donald's Top Albums of 2014

2014 Recap: Donald’s Top Albums of 2014

How did we get here? Seriously, how is it the end of 2014 already? It seems like just yesterday that Craig, Madison and I began having the discussions that would end up resulting in this brand-spanking-new website you are currently reading from, and now I’m left with the always difficult task of putting into words...
2014 Recap: The Garden Statement's Top 20 Albums

2014 Recap: The Garden Statement’s Top 20 Albums

  It’s been a wild year for all of us at The Garden Statement. We began the year under a completely different name, a different show time, and seemingly as a completely different entity altogether. Through the rebranding, however, we were able to enjoy another year of fine releases throughout all of the divisions of...
Mid-Year 2014: Madison's Best of the Year (So Far)

Mid-Year 2014: Madison’s Best of the Year (So Far)

I am really not sure where the last 6 months went, but I definitely stoked on the music that has come out in that time.  While some of the genre’s heavyweights released new favorites, I am mostly impressed with the younger bands whose 2014 releases launched them into the spotlight.  It’s awesome to see hardworking,...
Mid-Year 2014: Craig's Top Ten Albums of 2014 (So Far)

Mid-Year 2014: Craig’s Top Ten Albums of 2014 (So Far)

2014. The Year of the Unknown. Will we get a new album this year from Brand New? Unknown. What’s the name of the new ripper of an album from Every Time I Die? From Parts Unknown. Why did Taking Back Sunday disappoint so much with their new album? Really unknown. But the greatest unknown of...
Mid-Year 2014: Donald's Top 10 Albums (So Far)

Mid-Year 2014: Donald’s Top 10 Albums (So Far)

Wait, what? Seriously? July 1st was yesterday? Goodness gracious, my mom was right: the years go by so much quicker when you get older. 2014 is already off to a blazing start, thanks to a half-year of music that has produced more top-notch releases than any of the last three years, and possibly more. The year...