Weekly Statement August 13

Wow, this week has been crazy! A lot of things have been going on in the scene this week, with tours and albums beign announced left and right. I’m going to do my best here to corral all of it in one place so that all of us can try to get caught up. As always, these are opinions that are only my own, and I encourage you to let me know what I missed in the comments below or by letting me know on Twitter.


New Release of the Week: CHVRCHES – “Never Ending Circles”

They burst onto the scene with The Bones of What You Believe,  a hook-heavy indie-dance album that TGS has loved more and more with each listen. This year, CHVRCHES look to build more momentum for themselves, and it appears they’re on the right path to do so. Their formula hasn’t been altered in any way, and they keep exploring thier sound and pushing it further to a point where they’ll very soon perfect it.

Announcement of the Week: The post-Warped tour announcement extravaganza!

I’m not even sure what to say about all the tours that were announced since Warped Tour ended last weekened. Instead, I think I’ll just list them.

Bless the Fall are headlining a tour with support from Stray from the Path, Emarosa, Oceans Ate Alaska, and  Cane Hill.
The Amity Affliction are heading out with Chelsea Grin, Secrets, Cruel Hand, and The Plot in You.
Modern Baseball will be touring with support from PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, and Tiny Moving Parts.
Knuckle Puck are going on tour with Seaway, Sorority Noise, and Head North.
– Have Mercy are going on a headlining run with support from Transit, Somos, and Microwave.
Hands Like Houses will be touring with Lower than Atlantis, I the Mighty, Brigades, and Too Close to Touch.
The Wonder Years will be touring with Motion City SoundtrackState Champs, and You Blew It!
Circa Survive added Citizen to it’s Juturna anniversary tour.

That’s all of them, I think? Feel free to let me know if I missed anything!

Random Internet Thing of the Week: AbsolutePunk’s Absolute 100

There are a lot of bands in the world. An innumerable amount, really. But somehow, the great team over at absolutepunk.net always find a way to scour the internet and find the next 100 bands that will be blowing out your headphones. This year is no different, and it’s extra special because our very own Craig Ismaili contributed a bunch of bands to this year’s list! The Absolute 100 is presented in a 4-part series. You can click HERE for the fourth part, which has links to the previous three. Let us know if you find anything new that you enjoyed!

Song of the Week: The Chariot – “Cheek.”

It’s probably the last song you’ll ever hear from The Chariot (if you listened to One Wing from front to back, which you should), and one of the most influential metalcore bands ever sure went out with a band. Featuring an interlude of Charlie Chaplin’s monologue in The Great Dictator sandwiched between a slow-burining opening and a chaotic, crashing close, the track is as spastic and unpredictable as the band’s entire career. Chaplin’s monologue still rings as true as it did in 1940, which makes its inclusion yet another example of The Chariot’s brilliance. If you’re not satisfied with just the audio, check out the video below created by some kind soul, who put the scene from the actual movie in sync with the track to drive the point home even further. Long live The Chariot.

The Garden Statement Weekly Wrap-Up:

-The interview that we’ve been promising was finally posted. Check out our conversation with Alex Levine of The Gaslight Anthem!
-To get everyone good and excited for Pinelands Music Festival, we posted our list of 10 bands you need to see! Check it out!