The Weekly Statement August 27Another week is almost in the books, and the weekend is just around the corner. For us, that means only one thing: It’s time to recap the best the scene had to offer this week in The Weekly Statement! We’ve got a doozy for you this week, as a band will be covered for two consecutive weeks for the first time since I started this silly little project. In addition, we’re rolling out some really great things you may have missed over the course of the week, so take a look below! Enjoy!

New Release of the Week: Foxing – “The Magdalene”

FoxingThe news just broke on 36vultures this morning that Foxing will release their sophomore full-length Dealer on October 30. The first track to be released from that album, “The Magdalene,” is streaming exclusively on 36vultures. Foxing, as you may recall, were the victims of a horrific break-in earlier this year, and to see them bouncing back better than ever is a welcome sight in the scene. Where The Albatross was  a bleak, morose venture, “The Magdalene” sets up Dealer to be a darker, more atmospheric effort that is sure to pack all of the emotion we’ve come to love from Foxing into it as well. Now that it’s been announced, it’s one of my most anticipated albums of the rest of the year, and if the rest of the album can follow “The Magdalene”‘s lead, we could have an Album of the Year contender on our hands.

Announcement of the Week: Underoath’s “Rebirth” Tour


If it seems like you’ve been here before, that’s because you have. Exactly one week ago, I called Underoath performing Define the Great Line at Self-Help Fest 2016 my announcement of the week. Then, on Monday, the band’s “Rebirth is coming.” countdown campaign reached its end, and I’ll have to admit, I never thought it would be this great. My guess as to what the announcement would be was a vinyl boxset of their discography, and that the band would be playing a handful of festivals across the country in markets they didn’t hit on their farewell tour in early 2013. I have never been more happy to be wrong in my entire life. Instead, we’re getting a full-blown reunion tour, and a game-changing one at that. In addition to Self-Help Fest, the band will be going on a full US headlining run, in which they will be playing thier most decortated albums (yes, plural) (They’re Only Chasing Safety) and Define The Great Line in full on said tour. In addition, they rolled out ticket preorder packages that included a double-vinyl of both albums, which are otherwise nearly impossible to find. It’s been an amazing turn of events curated by a band that I truly thought I’d never see again after thier farewell tour, and I couldn’t be happier. This is one of the most iconic band sof the emo genre in the 2000s, and they’re coming back with a reunion plan on par with Fall Out Boy’s and Yellowcard’s. What a rebirth it shall be.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Turnover’s Audiotree session

If you’re not familiar with Audiotree, they’re a group based out of Chicago who do a little bit of everything in the music industry, but are most commonly known for their live sessions they record with bands. This week, they published the videos they recorded with Turnover, a band whose established themselves firmly in the top albums of 2015 conversation with Peripheral Vision. In addition, Craig, Madison, and I all saw Turnover open for The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die and Pianos Become the Teeth last Friday, and they were better than I could have even hoped for. So this entry has a couple different purposes: one, to tell you to check out Audiotree’s impressive catalog of sessions they’ve recorded, starting with Turnover’s; and two, to let you know that Turnover is a great live band, and you should check them out whenver you get the chance to.

Song of the Week: Fireworks’s Entire Catalog

ForverFireworks, a band that never truly got what they deserved, finished up their last headlining tour before they go on a hiatus this week. Their album Gospel was the show’s #2 album of 2011 back when we first started, and Oh, Common Life was our #10 album last year. Though the band is leaving, they seem to be insisting that they will be back at some point, just not in the near future. Still, it’s sad to see a band that talented have to bow out, for whatever the reason(s) may be. To celebrate the band’s storied career, and to give people a dose of what they were missing, the band’s label Triple Crown Records is allowing you to download All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion, Gospeland Oh, Common Life for a pay-what-you-want special. Yes, you can pay nothing, and get all three fantastic Fireworks full-lengths. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, so act fast. In the meantime, the wait for the highly-anticipated Fireworks comeback has begun. Fireworks forever.

Looking Forward to Next Week: Twenty One Pilots perform at the VMAs

21pThey performed “Car Radio” at the MTV Movie Awards a few years ago, but now Twenty One Pilots are set to take the stage on MTV’s biggest event, alongside A$AP Rocky at the VMAs this Sunday. The VMAs are known for producing many over-the-top performances over the years, so I’m hopeful 21p and A$AP can concoct something memorable in hopes of not having to hear more about Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift come Monday morning. It’s awesome to see a band rise the way these guys have, and while I’m not a big fan of Blurryface, I’m so excited to see them perform in front of such a big audience, because they’re a band that truly needs to be experienced in a live setting in order to understand their music. Here’s hoping this will catapult Twenty One Pilots to even greater heights.

TGS Content Wrap-Up: We’re back!

Though nothing was posted on the TGS blog this week, we’re gearing up for our first show back on the airwaves on 91.3FM WTSR! We’ll be playing the best music that was released since our last show in May, so you’re going to want to tune in! The show will air from 1-3pm this Saturday on 91.3FM WTSR, or you can listen live here if you’re out of range. See you then!


Hope you enjoyed my picks this week! If I missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!