Weekly Statement August 6The Weekly Statement has made it into the second month of its existence! The rules are still the same: I (Donald) scour the internet for the most important things to happen this week (according to him, anyway), and tells you all about them. Hopefully you’ve read along enough to remember this, but just in case you didn’t, these opinions are mine and mine alone, and you are more than welcome to let me know what I missed either in the comments below or on Twitter.

New Release of the Week: The Devil Wears Prada – “Alien”

After the massive success of the Zombie EP, the true springboard for the sonic shift that thrusted The Devil Wears Prada to the forefront of the metal scene, TDWP are back with another concept EP. This time, thier ambitions are otherworldly, both in concept and in sound. While Zombie was heralded for the pure persistent chaos throughout, it seems that the new Space EP will follow that same theme. “Alien,” the second track that has been shared with fans, is exceedingly aggressive, which should really be the expectation for these guys nowadays. The Space EP will be released on the band’s first record label, Rise Records, and preorders are available nowSpace will be released on August 21.

Announcement of the Week: The Hotelier’s fall headlining tour

Hotelier Fall

They became one of the champions of the “emo revival” last year with Home, Like Noplace is There (the unanimous #1 album from everyone at TGS), and now The Hotelier are headlining their first major US Tour, with support from Runaway Brother, Oso Oso, and The Spirit of the Beehive. It’s a well-deserved chance for the band to shine, and seeing as the band have been using Periscope to show the process of creating thier next album, it’s very possible we may hear a new song or two on the tour. Brace youselves, the feels are coming.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Craig Owens is on Dr. Dre’s new album (No, really, I swear)



When he’s not too busy still kinda-sorta being the frontman of Chiodos, Craig Owens has carved out a very successful solo career for himself. That part of his musical career has lead him to collaborate with a man named Jon Connor, a Michigan-based rapper that has called upon Owens for hooks and choruses over the past few years. So when Jon Connor was contacted by headphone mogul Dr. Dre to be on his album, Connor not only accepted the offer, but brought Owens along for the ride (which helps provide context for this tweet from Owens). Before I forget, Dr. Dre was also in a group called NWA who were big in the 90s, who have a biopic coming out called Straight Outta Compton, which is the inspiration for Dre’s album. It’s his first in 16 years, so the rap community is in a fever pitch for it. Now, thanks, to Owens, the emo kids have something to look forward to, as well. The album will be released tomorrow, but it’s going to be streaming on Beats Radio from 6-9PM Pacific Time tonight. Check it out, and let us know what you think of Craig’s contributions to the album!

Song of the Week: Joyce Manor – “The Jerk”

Fast-paced, catchy, and surprisingly romantic, “The Jerk” is Joyce Manor at their very best. Their spectacular album Never Hungover Again was released last year, and I’ve been jamming out to it on nearly all of my long road trips this summer, and “The Jerk” has stood out the most during all of those jam sessions. I also love it because I’m hoping the title is a reference to the movie The Jerk, starring Steve Martin. Even if it isn’t, I’m just going to go on pretending that it is.

Looking forward to Next Week: Pinelands Music Festival Preview!


The first ever Pinelands Music Festival will be held in New Jersey on Saturday, August 15! Hometown heroes The Early November will be headlining, but who else should you check out? The Garden Statement will have you covered, with our list of the Ten Bands You Need to Check Out at  Pinelands Music Festvial. In addition to that, our bosses at WTSR are also helping you enhance your Pinelands Music experience by giving away two tickets to the festival! Simply follow WTSR on Twitter and ReTweet this tweet to enter. Best of luck!

The Garden Statement Content Wrap-Up

-I had a great time taking photos of every band I shot at Warped Tour, but I thought my photos of The Wonder Years and PVRIS were definitely the best. Check ’em out!
-Speaking of photo galleries, I also posted one of The Gaslight Anthem, which is among one of my favorite things I’ve done for the blog this year. Enjoy those as well!
-Maddy posted another one of the sessions she recorded for WTSR Undergroung at Warped Tour! This week, she’s got videos of Grey Gordon performing “Revelation Summer” and a cover of Big Star’s “13”. There’s plenty more where that came from, so be sure to subscribe to WTSR Underground on YouTube for more videos!

Thanks for reading everyone! Again, feel free to let me know about anything I missed, or anything that you’ve been stoked on all week in the comments or by contacting me on Twitter! As a little goodbye gift, here’s one of the Grey Gordon videos, to save you a click.