Weekly Statement July 23Hello, friends! On this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re throwing it back all the way to the last 7 days, where our scene saw some really, really interesting news come to light. In this week’s Weekly Statement, we’re taking a moment to highlight what caught our attention over the past 7 days. As always, this is only meant to be a series of recommendations for things you should check out, and you’re more than welcome to tell me what I missed in the comments section or on Twitter.

New Release of the Week: PUP – “Dark Days” music video

Let’s face it: the “life of a band on tour montage” music videos are way worn out. However, the unique Canadian punks in PUP have found a way to turn the concept on its head, opting for an animated mucisc video depicting various scenes and moments in the life of a touring band. It’s a great homage back to the cartoons many of us loved growing up as a kid, and most importantly, it gives us a great excuse to show you how great of a band PUP are.

Announcement of the Week: Armor For Sleep’s What to do When You Are Dead 10-Year Anniversay Tour

AFS Tour


Sure, we got an Armor for Sleep Reunion set at Bamboozle 2012, but that pales in comparison to the band’s first full tour in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their most iconic album, What To Do When You Are Dead. The small tour will hit the east coast in September, followed by a trip further to the midwest in October, and culminating with a journey west in December.  Those fortunate enough to hear songs like “Car Underwater” and “Remember to Feel Real” will surely be in for a night to remember. If you’re just hearing about this now, you’re in luck, because tickets for all dates go on sale tomorrow!


Random Internet Thing of the Week: The MTV VMAs (or, the Night the World Remembers when MTV Actually Played Music)


I feel like every single time I write about the VMAs, or talk about them with someone in person, it always starts with me saying something along the lines of “Yeah, I know, they’re terrible.” Yet somehow, I still find myself getting excited when the nominees are announced, finding out who the host is, and seeing if the show is airing on my birthday this year (it’s not, but it’s happened quite a few times in the past). There’s just something about the VMAs that, despite everything that’s transpired in and around them over the years, you still watch. It’s basically that movie you know is terrible but love to watch. But anyway, the nominations were announced this year, and it made a few people pretty upset. Naturally, Taylor Swift, my prediction for the leader of the Illuminati, leads the nominations, with “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space” both look likely to take home major awards, but she’ll have major competition from the Almighty Queen Beyonce, and the super collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars (“Uptown Funk!”) looking to be serious challengers. The VMAs are always a lightningrod for controversy, and this year’s been no different already (I’m not going anywhere near the Nicki/TSwift “feud”). Will this truly be another step on Taylor’s way to world domination? Will Miley Cyrus be as much of a tranwreck as a host as she was as a performer a few years ago? Will Nicki Minaj rush the stage to fully prove her point? Does anyone even care anymore? These questions probably won’t be answered definitively, and hundreds more are likely to rise when MTV disguises themselves as “Music Television” once again on August 30.

Song of the Week: The Wonder Years – “Cardinals”

The Wonder Years are still taking on the world, even though they grow closer and closer every day to conquering it. Their new album No Closer to Heaven, which drops in September, will be the first to depart from their trilogy of albums about growing up that saw its completion when The Greatest Generation came out. A few weeks ago, they released “Cardinals,” a blistering track that clearly shows the band’s evolution from a pop-punk band to more of an emo-rock act. The song translates incredibly well onstage, as anyone who’s witnessed thier Main Stage set on Warped this summer will attest. The Wonder Years have only ever exceeded expectations, so No Closer To Heaven is poised to be a juggernaut that may catapult them to even greater heights.

Looking Forward to Next Week: Knuckle Puck – Copacetic


In a post-Upsides world, Everyone’s always looking for the next band to change the game in pop-punk. Knuckle Puck are a band that have been building buzz for a while now, and their Rise Records debut Copacetic will be out next week. However, for those of you who can’t wait, the band’s first full-length is now streaming. Keep your eyes open for the TGS review of the album next week!

The Garden Statement Content Wrap-Up

We’re all hard at work getting our Warped Tour Content ready, which should start rolling out next week. You’re gonna love it, I promise. In the mean time, take another look at Craig’s AltPress Music Awards Predictions and laugh at how wrong he was (he actually did a lot better this year)!


Thanks for reading another week longer! Again, feel free to tell me what got you the most excited thsi week, or send hate to my Twitter feed!