Weekly Statement July 10

Well, what a week it’s been, gardeners! There was so much to choose from, but this is what’s making the most waves in the scene this week, for better or for worse. As always, these are only my humble opinions, and you’re always welcome to tell me what I missed or what you’re most excited about this week in the comments or by contacting me through the Twitter.

New Release of the Week: Anberlin – Cities: Live in New York City

It’s been nearly a full year now without the alt-rock stylings of Anberlin gracing stages around the world, and that absence has only become more painful as time has gone on. Sure, we were blessed with arguably the best farewell tour an emo band has ever concocted, but the finality of their departure still hurts. However, the band are still producing material in their afterlife, releasing the two albums they performed front-to-back on a fateful night in New York City (that our very own Craig Ismaili was lucky enough to attend). Cities: Live in New York City was released last Friday, and serves as a powerful reminder of just how invested the band was to their craft, and how devoted their fans were to their music. It’s a tear-jerking listen, for sure, but fans of Anberlin looking for something to remind them of this truly impactful band will love hearing their best release played in a live setting one last time.

Announcement of the Week: Circa Survive’s Juturna 10-Year Anniversary Tour

Juturna admat


After relentlessly touring behind the release of thier most recent full-length Descensus, Circa Survive are taking a look back to the past for the first time, and playing thier debut Juturna front-to-back on tour this fall. This is the album that proved once and for all that Anthony Green was better off in Circa than in Saosin, and its resonance with fans after all this time will be ever-apparent each night of this run. RX Bandits will be the perfect appetizer for Circa’s career-spanning set, and the wild speculation that Anthony Green may join them for a few The Sounds of Animals Fighting Songs has likely already ignited (hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?). All other points aside, this is yet another opportunity for Circa Survive to remind everyone that they’re the best live band out there, and the fact that they’re revisiting their debut album this time around will make it even more special. Tickets are on sale tomorrow, and will likely sell fast, so make sure you’re ready to go at 10:00am tomorrow morning!

Random Internet thing of the Week: The Gaslight Anthem are “Taking a Break”



After nearly ten years of relentless touring, recording five full-lengths, and trekking across the world, The Gaslight Anthem are going to be slowing things down for the forseeable future, the first time they’ve made an announcement of that kind in their career. From the way their statement is worded, it doesn’t seem like the type of announcement that means they’re never coming back, but it certainly looks like we won’t be seeing much of them for a little while. It’s certainly upsetting news, as the band continues to draw legions of fans for each tour they set out on, but things like this are inevitable for any touring band. In an attempt to look on the bright side, this could mean that Brian Fallon will be working on a new Horrible Crowes album, which would certainly be enough to hold us over while we wait with baited breath for the return of The Gaslight Anthem. You can read the band’s full statement here.

Song of the Week: Letter Kills – “Radio Up”

I’m going for something a little more obscure this week with Letter Kills, a band that only ever released one album (2004’s The Bridge). This song came across my ears when I was playing the addicting racing video game Burnout 3: Takedown. The games were a blast to play, but I grew to love them even more thanks to their immaculate soundtracks, which were basically a who’s-who in emo at the time of the game’s release. Burnout 3: Takedown‘s soundtrack boasted Motion City Soundtrack’s “My Favorite Accident,” Atreyu’s “Right Side of the Bed,” and Midtown’s “Give It Up,” but it’s Letter Kills that gets the nod here because despite the fact that they haven’t been a band since 2006, “Radio Up” is a song I constantly find myself listening to in the summer, thanks to its infectious chorus. If you’ve never heard of them before reading this paragraph, click “play” above and get ready to sing along.

TGS Weekly Content Wrap-Up

-We’ve started to roll out our Warped Tour coverage this week! Check out the first gallery of pictures of Being as an Ocean, While She Sleeps, and Senses Fail, and the second gallery, featuring Silverstein, Have Mercy, and Man Overboard! Next week, the pictures will come to a close, but we’re going out with a bang with PVRIS and The Wonder Years!

-We also debuted one of the coolest things we’ve ever done, an interview and acoustic session with Citizen. We’ve been jamming out hard to their new release Everybody Is Going to Heaven, and it was awesome to have Mat Kerekes play two new songs, “Yellow Love” and “Ring of Chain” acoustically for us. In addition, Craig sat down with the band for an in-depth interview about the creative process of the album, which is a must-read. The interview and sessions are all in one place, so click here and check it out!

It’s been a great week at TGS, and next week looks to be even better as we unveil even more Warped Tour coverage, a photo gallery and interview with The Gaslight Anthem, and more! See you next week, everyone!