Weekly Statement October 2

Congratulations, you’ve made it to another Friday! The Weekly Statement is entering its third month, and we’re cooking now, thanks to a September to remember. I really can’t remember the last time one month in particular was this loaded with releases, and October looks to offer even more quality in the coming weeks. With so much going on, it makes my job of composing this recap that much easier. Take a look at what had me buzzing this week below!

New Release of the Week: Bleachers – Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2

TTV2What makes music so incredible is that it’s the thing in life that is left open to individualized interpretation the most. We see this so often in remixes of songs, where an artist will take an original work and put their own spin on it. It’s something we’ve seen as a bonus feature on many albums, but Jack Antonoff of Bleachers decided to take that concept in a different, exciting direction. With the release of Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2, Antonoff reliquishes the creative process to an all-female enemble of artists, who remix and reinterpret each of the songs on Bleachers’s surprising breakout debut Strange Desire. I’m floored by this move from Antonoff, as he not only allows these artists to cover his songs, he encourages it, simply because he wants to hear the songs performed from a different perspective. Here’s hoping it opens more artists’ eyes to working on a collaboration like this.

Announcement of the Week: Sum 41 are headlining the Kerrang! Tour

Kerrang TourThis is a bit of an odd-ball selection, as the tour mentioned isn’t even coming to the United States, but it’s just awesome to see Sum 41 still kicking it. They’ve had just about everything go wrong in their career over the last few years. Drug issues, health issues, personal turmoil, and who knows what else lead them to a stagnant couple of years, but to see them display the confidence and ambition to go overseas and tour there is a great sign. And admit it, you still know every word to “Fat Lip.” Don’t lie to me.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Punk Spongebob Edits

Just yesterday, a visionary individual had a revolutionary idea: What if you put pop-punk, hardcore, metalcore, and other emo lyrics on screen caps of episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants? The results, as you can imagine, are wonderful. Novelty Twitter accounts like this are difficult to maintain, but I’m really, really, rooting for this one. I mean, come on:
cr 1Cr 2

It’s impossible to not love these.


Song of the Week: Transit – “Skipping Stone”

Transit’s music has been synonymous with the fall season ever since I first heard Listen and Forgive came out in October of 2011. There’s just something about the nostalgic, twinkling emo tha fits perfectly with the changing weather, the expanded wardrobe (hellooooooo, cardigans!), and everything else that fall encompasses. We recently entered into the fall season officially, so those fall albums are going to be in high rotation for me for the next few months. What are your favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

TGS Content Round-Up

-This week, I tried something a little different in hopes of keeping up with the albums that come out in a particular month that I didn’t get a chance to review. I’m calling it the Monthly Round-Up, and you can take a look at what I listened to in September here!