Weekly Statement October 9For whatever reason, this week seemed to bring us quite a few things we’d been waiting a long time for. The heat lingering from the summer finally broke, making way for the first full week of that perfect “fall weather.” We also saw some new releases that had long been in the works finally see the light of day, which made for a very busy week of indulging in the best the scene had to offer. If you felt like you missed anything, we’re here to help. Take a look at what had us buzzing this week below!

New Release of the Week: The 1975 – “Love Me”

After releasing their self-titled album, a release ten years in the making that perfectly blended pop and indie rock for a refreshing take on both genres, The 1975 are back with a new album. Perhaps taking a page from their countrymen in Moose Blood or Bring Me the Horizon, the title is a doozy: I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. The first track released from that album, “Love Me,” takes inventory of what the band have amounted to since their self-titled success. It’s teeming with the type of sarcasm that makes their sheer presence intriguing and endearing, which shows a very positive sign. Despite all of the band’s efforts to show that they’re entering a new phase of thier career, the heart and soul that they built themselves around is very much intact. In terms of how the track sounds, “Love Me” is certainly different, but will not be so jarring as to push fans away. If anything it will only add to the hype for what the rest of the new album will sound like. I cannot wait to hear the rest.

Announcement of the Week: Brian Fallon and the Crowes

FallonIt’s been a rough couple of months since The Gaslight Anthem announced they were going on a break. I can’t even listen to their music without getting emotional about it, honestly. But when the news broke that the band was going to go into a dormant state, I took solace in the fact that it likely meant Brian Fallon would be pursuing some other musical endeavor in the meantime. That project has been slowly teased for a few weeks now, with Fallon updating his blog about the process of his first solo effort. He announced via instagram that he’s headed to the studio in Nashville this week, but that’s not all. On Thursday night, he also announced on Instagram that he will be touring under the moniker “Brian Fallon and the Crowes” in January 2016, where he will be playing material from his upcoming solo effort and songs from the beloved Horrible Crowes album Elsie. Details of the album are scarce at this point (other than that it will be called Painkillers and Butch Walker is producing) but anyone familiar with his work will agree that any project Brian Fallon is involved with is one worth paying attention to.

Song of the Week: August Burns Red – “Marianas Trench

In all honesty, I’m not really that big a fan of August Burns Red. They’ve never really stood out for me, for whatever reason, but “Marianas Trench” is the exception to that rule. Featuring a pulverizing opening, making way for a frantic song that showcases all of the talented musicians August Burns Red have in their ranks, with lead guitarist JB Brubaker chief among them. They haven’t had the impact that bands like Underoath or The Devil Wears Prada have had, but August Burns Red are as talented as any band out there.

Looking Forward to Next Week: Head North/Microwave Split

split coverI’ve featured it a few times on here already, but I really can’t wait for this split to finally come out. Both Microwave songs that we’ve heard are great, and Head North have proven themselves to be pretty dependable thus far as well. This split is the perfect segue for each band as they get back on the road and in the studio, and it’ll be on all next week in my car as well.