Weekly Statement September 18

Well, everyone, we’re almost there! The biggest stretch of album releases of the year is about halfway over, and if you’re reading this, that means that you haven’t been too overwhelmed with listening to all the new jams. With all the albums being released, it’s hard to believe anything else is going on. I can assure, though, that it is, and The Weekly Statement is here to help you keep track of all of it!


New Release of the Week: Microwave – “Thinking of you,”

A band that Maddy and Craig have been buzzing about all summer (and now, into the fall), and now I’ve finally started to see the light of how great microwave are. They’re going to be releasing a split with Head North on October 9th, and they released the second of three tracks from their side of the split, “Thinking of you,”. It’s a very tight, well-arranged track, with enough vocal emotion to pluck at anyone’s heart strings on even the first listen. Everyone seems to think this band is poised for big things, and after listening to this track as my introduction to Microwave, I can only hope they’re right.


Announcement of the Week: 6th Annual Dear Jack Benefit Show

dear jackAs many know, Andrew McMahon, songwriter supreme for the pop-punk juggernauts Something Corporate, emo-rock breakthroughs Jacks’s Mannequin, and his own solo material, is also a cancer survivor. He’s turned that into an incredible foundation (Dear Jack), and every year he plays a benefit show for the foundation to raise funds. While many fans have come to know this as one of the few shows where McMahon will play “Konstantine,” this year’s program will provide even more incentive for fans to flock to the benefit: McMahon will be playing the classic album from Jack’s Mannequin Everything in Transit from front to back in celebration of the album’s 10-year anniversary, and the 10-year anniversary of McMahon’s cancer going into remission. It’s going to be a very emotional, powerful night, and those who are lucky enough to attend are in for an incredible performance.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Balance and Composure are not breaking up

Over the summer, Balance and Composure were quiet. Like, alarmingly quiet. Quiet to the point that everyone thought they had broken up (and they didn’t do themselves any favors with this tweet). The speculation was rampant, and many felt slighted by the fact that the band left without a proper goodbye. However, this week the band dispelled those rumors with another tweet, and an announcement of a new show in Brooklyn on October 2. They also mentioned that they’re writing new material, which means that we may be getting the follow-up to The Things We Think We’re Missing in 2016. While the speculation was very, very premature, it’s still nice to have that affirmation that the band will be coming back with new music soon.

Song of the Week: Have Mercy – “Collider”

Released as a flexi 7″ in hopes of providing even more hype for their fall tour (with Microwave, a fellow Weekly Statement inductee this week), “Collider” finds Have Mercy taking the Bayside approach, as they continue to fine-tune their already tried-and-true formula, getting closer and closer to perfection each time. With heavier guitars behind Brian Swindle’s vocals, the track hits a lot harder than Have Mercy’s older material. If this is to be an indication of where Have Mercy’s sound will go from here, then their next full-length is going to be a game-changer.

Looking Forward to Next Week: New albums from The Front Bottoms and Motion City Soundtrack

back on top Panic Stations









One of the best parts of the album release day being pushed to Friday is that we get a full weekend with new albums immediately after their release. Two bands whose music is seemingly made for weekends, The Front Bottoms and Motion City Soundtrack, will be releasing albums today, with Back on Top and Panic Stations looking to further cement both the Front Bottoms’s rise and Motion City Soundtrack’s legacy. The weather has been incredible this week, so be sure to get out there and enjoy these two wonderful bands and their new music wherever you may be traveling this weekend!

The Garden Statement Content Wrap-Up

In another feeble attempt at staying afloat with album reviews, we’ve got our take on Bring Me the Horizon’s That’s The Spirit!

That’ll wrap up this week’s Weekly Statement, everyone. Be sure to check back here for even more reviews of all the albums that have been released over the past few weeks! What did we miss this week? Feel free to post your favorite news from the scene this week, or by letting me know on Twitter!