Weekly Statement September 25A new season has fallen upon us this week, as we’re trading in our summer anthems for our favorite atmospheric autumn albums. While you’ve been digesting all the new albums from last week and the rest of September, we’ve been scouring the scene for what we feel is the most pertinent news that you need to be be brought up to speed on. See what we’re stoked about this week below!

New Release of the Week: Modern Baseball – “Rock Bottom” music video

Blessed/cursed with the “next big thing” title, Modern Baseball poke fun at themselves in the delightful new music video for “Rock Bottom.” With guitarist/vocalist Brendan Lukens stuck in a generic, cookie-cutter video with basically every scene from Taylor Swift’s music videos, the video makes a very understated stab at the formulaic approach pop music has taken on in recent years. Anyone who’s seen their very laid-back, sarcastic personalities onstage know that this type of tongue-in-cheek humor is par for the course with Modern Baseball, but this video allows them to showcase that sense of humor in a new, fun way.

Announcement of the Week: Anberlin – Don’t Try to Wake Me Up

Their break-up was the most difficult to stomach of 2014, but Anberlin have become the Obi Wan Kenobi to our Luke Skywalker, offering us sage-like wisdom and even more to remember since their passing. This time, it’s a documentary that shows the band in their most vulnerable time: the final day of the band’s existence. It’s a very delicate topic, and the fact that they chose to document it and show it to their fans as a sort of final farewell (in addition to everything else they’ve done since breaking up) shows how personal a connection the band and thier fans had with one another. It’s available to stream and/or download here, and it’s highly recommended viewing.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Apple Music doesn’t know who Atreyu is

I feel really bad for Atreyu. They were another band that became a major label experiment gone horribly wrong, which forced them into exile. A few years past that now, they’re back with a reunion album that many are heralding as a return to their once-prolific form. They even started getting attention from major streaming services, like Apple Music. But wait a minute–


If you think that there’s something wrong with the picture attached to that tweet, that’s because there is. And it’s a big one. The band in the picture attached to that tweet is not Atreyu. It’s actually blessthefall, as seen on many Warped Tours over the past few years. How a mistake like that gets made by a billion-dollar company is beyond me. Funny as it is, I do feel bad for Atreyu, because that tweet could have garnered even more buzz around the album, and now they’ve been reliquished to a punchline and an intern at Apple probably getting fired.

Song of the Week: Yellowcard – “Light Up the Sky”

How was this song not a huge hit? How was this song not a huge hit? HOW WAS THIS SONG NOT A HUGE HIT?! It has everything you’d want in a Yellowcard song: massive chorus, upbeat guitars, Sean Mackin’s violin providing character to the track, and a heartfelt vocal performance by Ryan Key. Released on the band’s fourth full-length Paper Walls, the lead single “Light Up The Sky” flirted with pop radio, but never made the dent the band’s infamous anthem “Ocean Avenue” did. With major label backing and a band that many still remembered, the pieces were all there, but somehow they were never fully assembled. I’ll never understand why.

TGS/WTSR Content Wrap-Up

It was a light week on the TGS front, but the rest of WTSR absolutely killed it this week.
-First up, WTSR premiered its session with buzz band Microwave, which you can see a performance of below:

-Next, on Thursday WTSR started to roll out the videos from the WTSR Underground Weekend, with a premiere of the brand new song from The Blithedale Romance, “Brain Waves.” The video is streaming exclusively on AbsolutePunk.net, so follow this link to hear it!