Weekly Statement September 4It may be a day later now, but The Weekly Statement is still here to bring you the best news of the week in the scene! Things have been a little hectic lately, so changing the release date of this column to Friday became necessary. So now, instead of getting you through Friday, we’re here to help you celebrate the start of your weekend. As always, these opinions are my own, and you’re more than welcome to tell me what I missed in the comments or on Twitter. Enjoy!

New Release of the Week: Defeater – Abandoned

abandonedA release that admittedly snuck up on me without my knowledge, Defeater’s Abandoned continues their creatve approach to hardcore, telling the complicated tale of a family ravaged by war. Straying from the soldier whom the band’s material uses as its subject, Abandoned is the harrowing tale of a priest losing his way with the Lord and with his life in general. It’s an aching, pummeling release that needs to be high on the list of albums that you’re checking out in the future, and you should really make it quick.

Announcement of the Week: Head North/ Microwave Split

split coverLast year, everyone at TGS was pumped on a little band called Have North, whose emo/alt-rock sound allowed them to carve out a unique path for themselves, which came to fruition in the form of their EP Bloodlines, released earlier this year. Now, we’re all aboard the hype train on a band called Microwave, who Craig has compared to the likes of Have Mercy and Turnover. Bad Timing Records and Side One Dummy Records seem to have taken notice, as they announced this week that the two bands will be releasing a split EP (featuring 3 new songs from each band), which the labels will be joint-releasing. It’s going to be a heavily-anticipated release that will serve as the perfect way for people who continue to overlook both bands to get acclimated with two fast-rising acts that deserve all the accolades they get.

Random Internet Thing of the Week: Jack’s Mannequin’s Everything In Transit‘s Vinyl Reissue

Everything in TransitWe’ve been waiting with baited breath for the announcement of anything in terms of a celebration of the pop-emo opus Everything In Transit, arguably the most iconic and celebrated album of singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon’s career. This week, we finally got something we all wanted: a vinyl repress. Two massive, one-of-a-kind packages are now available on Andrew McMahon’s webstore, and while they are a bit pricy, they look like the perfect way to commemorate such a monumental moment in emo. Now, can we get an album anniversary tour already?!

Song of the Week: We Are the In Crowd – “Manners”

I’ve been spinning We Are the In Crowd’s album Weird Kids non-stop over the past few weeks. Their formula is one we’ve seen before: they write toe-tapping, catchy pop-punk songs that get stuck in your head almost instantly. Tay Jardine has the vocal chops to stand toe-to-toe with any pop-punk vocalist out there, and her lyrics have enough bite for anyone to want to thrash around thier room when they listen to them as well. They’ve been on a steady climb since they started out, and I’m finally starting to see why. This summer just ended, and I really enjoyed sending mine out with Weird Kids playing through my car stereo.

Looking forward to next week: The Wonder Years – No Closer to Heaven

closerToday, The Wonder Years released their new album No Closer to Heaven, and everyone who’s ever been associated with the band silutaneously shouted, “FINALLY!” (I think). Maybe it’s because it was my most anticipated release of the year, or maybe it’s simply because I really, really like them, but the build-up for this album felt like it took a long time. I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to the album, and I’m just in awe of this band’s ability to continually shatter expectations. One of us will be attempting to put our thoughts on the album into words, and a review will be posted next week. In the meantime, enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend with a new album from one of the most important bands in our scene right now.


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