To be blunt: if you haven’t heard Foxing’s The Albatross yet, you are messing up.  The album is every bit emotional as it is powerful and stunning.  It’s not every day that an album that’s this emotionally-affecting comes out (which is probably good because I doubt the world can handle it).  Remastered and reissued via Triple Crown Records in May, The Albatross is creating a lot of buzz for this St. Louis band.  Well-deserved too.  Not only is the album nothing short of incredible, Foxing’s performance in NYC in the beginning of August left a packed venue in awe. Lucky for us, the good people of Foxing swung by our Trenton, NJ studios the following day to record some stripped-down versions of few tracks off an album listeners can’t seem to get out of their heads.  Listen below and check out a transcription of The Garden Statement’s interview.



Interview conducted on August 3, 2014 at WTSR Studios in Trenton, NJ.

The Garden Statement: You’re currently on a co-headlining tour with The Hotelier. How you feel it’s going so far with the first couple dates?

John Helwig: It’s been awesome.  Every show that we’ve played has been my favorite show. It just keeps getting better and better.  There really hasn’t been too many issues, besides van stuff.  Other than that, all the shows have been great.  We couldn’t ask for much more right now.



TGS: Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to for the rest of tour or anything cool that’s happened so far?

Josh Coll: I guess we are looking forward to shows that continually become our favorite shows.

Conor Murphy: We are really looking forward to playing in Phily because we love it there.  Last night, we got to play in Manhattan which is great.  The night before, we got to play in Boston.  Our little run on the East Coast is really awesome for us because these are all cities that we like a lot.



TGS: Switching gears a little bit, your album The Albatross was re-released via Triple Crown Records back in May.  Why did you decide to re-release that album as opposed to maybe making new material for Triple Crown?

CM: Basically, the reason we chose to remaster it was because when we put it out through Count Your Lucky Stars, we were on tour when we were getting the masters in for the original pressing of it. We couldn’t really nit-pick it and we are really anal about all the details with mastering and mixing.  Plus, we got a really hands-on approach to mixing when we recorded it originally. So when Triple Crown asked us about reissuing the album, we made a conscious decision with them and other people we were working with to remaster it as well and remix it.  Basically, it was just to fix all the little things we couldn’t have fixed when we were on tour and getting our masters.



TGS: So with working on new music, are you writing while you’re touring or do you all go somewhere and seclude yourselves and write it that way?

CM: We’ve never tried to but I am pretty sure we are incapable of writing on your, just because we always have something going on.  We never really have time to sit down and write anything.  The way we write in general – no one-person is writing anything.  We really need a practice space and all of us to be down there at once and really envelop ourselves in the process to get something down.

JC: We are writing in between tours right now.  Because the reissue just came out, we are touring a lot.



TGS: In these early stages of this next release, are you finding any differences in how you’re writing?

JH: We’re writing better.

CM: I think a huge part of it is Eric was an addition during the recording process of The Albatross. So in the position he is in now, actually writing – he came in when the songs were already written and recorded over them. Now he is actually a part of the writing process so it’s definitely a different dynamic.

TGS: Did you find that transition to be smooth or was there a learning curve from adding someone else into the writing process?

JC: There’s a learning curve.  But, at the same time, Eric is a phenomenal guitar player and we’re so fortunate to have him with us.  I think after we got him in the band and started writing new material, it still kind of took us a while to figure everything out. But, overall, the quality of the writing – I think we are a lot happier with it.  It feels a lot consistent because we’ve been touring with Eric for so long and he is on our album and this is the first time we are actually creating things with him.  It feels really really rewarding.



TGS: That all sounds awesome. I know we are all excited to get new material from you guys. Are there any plans to record any time soon or an expected release . .  I guess season?

JC: It’ll be like May 2023. Yeah, shooting for May 2023.

CM: We are planning on, after we tour enough on this album, to kind of take some time off.

JC: Like you were saying earlier about going off into seclusion.  Just taking some time off and going – I don’t know.  Maybe not touring as much, just kind of going away for a little while, and actually working on another record.  We have pockets, basically, between tours where we write really heavily but then, we have a tour coming up so we prepare for the tour.  We go on tour. We come back. Then, everything sort of falls apart.

TGS: It’s definitely not an easier schedule to keep up with.

JC: Some bands are really really good at doing that and I just think, for us, we feel like we write the best when no one else is around and there is no pressure from any other outside force aside from the five of us together in a room working it out.  I think when you have tours or any kind of thing coming up, subconsciously, it’s always in the back of your head to hurry up.  It kind of just dismantles the process.



TGS: That’s all I have on my end. Is there anything you want to close this with? Final Comments? Messages to fans?

JH: YouTube.

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A big thanks to Foxing for stopping by and playing some songs at WTSR! It was a blast.  Also, thanks to our dude Allan from The Syndicate and Joe Marro for setting this up. You rock.