Emo Hall of Fame

Longtime listeners of the radio show that accompanies this blog may know that in the second-ever Keep Calm and Carry On broadcast, Donald Wagenblast inducted twenty songs into the Emo Hall of Fame. This concept was created as a way to showcase some of the songs that have shaped the emo genre.

Here is his first class of twenty inductees from the fall of 2011:
1.       Ohio Is For Lovers- Hawthorne Heights
2.       Grand Theft Autumn- Fall Out Boy
3.       You’re So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday
4.       Swing Life Away- Rise Against
5.       My Eyes Burn- Matchbook Romance
6.       Note To Self- From First to Last
7.       Anthem of Our Dying Day- Story of the Year
8.       Smile In Your Sleep- Silverstein
9.       A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White- Underoath
10.   Devotion and Desire- Bayside
11.   Leaving Song Part II- AFI
12.   A Favor House Atlantic- Coheed and Cambria
13.   Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional
14.   I’m Not Okay- My Chemical Romance
15.   Buried A Lie- Senses Fail
16.   Seven Years- Saosin
17.   The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows- Brand New
18.   All That I’ve Got- The Used
19.   My Favorite Accident- Motion City Soundtrack
20.   Car Underwater- Armor For Sleep

However, since the emo genre is constantly shifting, growing, and changing, we weren’t content to just leave the Emo Hall of Fame with just twenty inductees. Instead, on the most recent edition of Keep Calm and Carry On, Madison and Craig crafted a second list of twenty nominees. These nominees span the entire history of emo music, from the bands that grew it in the Midwest in the 90s like American Football and Mineral, to the mainstream wave of the mid-2000s with My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday, to the best bands of today’s recent revival (whether or not you agree with the term). Here is our second class of inductees:

1.      Hold Me Down- Motion City Soundtrack 
2.       Love Letter Type Writer-Mineral
3.       Never Meant- American Football
4.       You Won’t Know- Brand New
5.       Existentialism On Prom Night- Straylight Run
6.       Cute Without the “E” (Cut From The Team)- Taking Back Sunday
7.       Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning- Senses Fail
8.       Let’s Talk About Your Hair- Have Mercy
9.       Fate- Lydia
10.   The Taste of Ink- The Used
11.   Welcome To The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
12.   Voices- Saosin
13.   Konstantine- Something Corporate
14.   Flashlight- The Front Bottoms
15.   Garden Statement- Hidden In Plain View
16.   Stonehands- Balance and Composure
17.   Ever So Sweet- The Early November
18.   For Me This Is Heaven- Jimmy Eat World
19.   Muther- Letlive.
20.   Your Deep Rest- The Hotelier

Now that we’ve made the transformation into The Garden Statement, the three of us will be looking to add more inductees to the Emo Hall of Fame in the near future. Seeing as we want to keep this an exclusive, prestigious company, we may not add more for a little while, but rest assured, we are always keeping our eyes open and discussing songs we’ve missed, artists we need to check out, and bands who we should add to our next list of inductees!