PVRIS Interview


One of the best parts of Warped Tour is the chance and likelihood that throughout your travels, you’ll discover a band you hadn’t listened to yet and be so blown away by their live performance that you instantly become a fan. Each of us at The Garden Statement found that band in PVRIS, an alternative rock outfit from Boston, MA. Armed with a new album due out later this year on Rise/Velocity Records and a live performance that lends itself to massive crowd participation, all of us at TGS agree that this band is going to do big things in the very near future. Before the band’s set, Donald was lucky enough to sit down with frontwoman Lynn Gunn to talk about the band’s upcoming full-length, their first run on Warped Tour, and what to expect from them in the future!


The Garden Statement: You’re listening to 91.3FM WTSR, on the campus of The College of New Jersey. This is Donald Wagenblast with The Garden Statement, and we’re contiuing our Warped Tour coverage with Lynn Gunn of PVRIS. Lynn, how are you today?
Lynn Gunn: I’m doing well, how are you?

TGS: I’m great! So you guys are on your first Warped Tour. How’s it been going so far?
LG: It’s been going crazy! We’re still trying to get into the swing of things. It’s been going great, though.

TGS: And you guys just finished up your first national tour earlier this year, right? You were on the Rise Records Tour.
LG: We did one before that, like right before that tour. On this past tour we did all over the US, but it was, like, our first tour that was technically a headliner. It was like a split-headliner between us and the other Rise bands.
TGS: So how did that tour go for you?
LG: It was a very small tour, but we were not expecting as many kids to come out as they did. Even though it was kind of a headliner, we still weren’t expecting that many kids.

TGS: So you guys just announced that you signed to Rise/Velocity Records. What made them the right home for you?
LG: They really saw the potential of what we’re doing, and want us to go above and beyond that. They have incredible resources, too. They’re just an awesome label.
TGS: And you also announced that you have a new album coming out in the fall, correct?
LG: Yeah!
TGS: So what can we expect? You guys had the acoustic EP come out, which was very different compared to your older material, and the new song you released, “St. Patrick,” is also very different from what I was expecting. What can we expect to hear from the new album? Will it be an amalgamation of everything, or is it leaning more towards what we heard in “St. Patrick”?
Well, there are some songs on the record that sound more like “St. Patrick,” and some that are more just straight-up rock. And then there’s a few that are more chill, groove-based. There’s a big mix of a lot of different things. I don’t think people should have any expectations going into it.
TGS: You guys are a young band, too. So it’s really great that you’re exploring all those sounds, because you can appeal to a really broad audience. Is that something you’re going for?
LG: For sure! Yeah, all of us like pop music, and I’ve been doing electronic programming stuff on my computer even before our  EP.

TGS: So who did you work with on the album?
LG: We worked with Blake Harnage. He was in VersaEmerge, they’re just called Versa now.
TGS: Did the way that Versa’s career play out have any impact on the kind of music you guys made on the album?
LG: Not really. Blake was just more convincing in telling us to, like, push in that direction. We had wanted to, and like I said, I started making that type of music on my own. He gave us the confidence to be like, “Just f—— do it. Go for it.”


The Garden Statement would like to thank Lynn Gunn for taking the time out to chat with us, and the rest of the band as well for putting on a killer head-turning performance. Be sure to check out the band’s new full-length album in the fall! To hold you over until then, check out the band’s new music video for their lead single “St. Patrick”!