Welcome back, friends! Last week’s Top Albums of 2017 post was a blast to make, and now we’re back with the albums I’m looking forward to the most in the remaining 11 months of 2017. January was a pretty uneventful month (save for the Code Orange and Japandroids albums that I’ll be checking out soon), so this list is about as comprehensive of a list as I can make. Below, you’ll see a list of bands that are slated to release albums this year. It should be noted, however, that plans can change at any moment, and this is by no means a guarantee that we’ll see all of these bands release new material this year. But speculation is one hell of a drug, so let’s get cracking!


The Menzingers – After the Party
I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to know that by the end of this week, The Menzingers will be releasing their new album. The band’s punk melodies and Americana storytelling have set them far above any of their peers, and the three previously released tracks “Lookers,” “Bad Catholics,” and the album’s title track have paitned a picture that suggests that After the Party will be the Menzingers’ best album yet.
Expected Release: 2/3

Acceptance – Colliding By Design
The Acceptance reunion has been slowly building to this for years, and now we are mere weeks away from seeing what happens when you wake up a emo-rock juggernaut after a 12-year hibernation. Jason Vena’s vocals have seemingly gotten better with time, and now that many of the band’s members have ventured into other projects (most notably guitarist Christian McAlhaney’s stint with Anberlin), there will be a large pool of influences that make this album one of the year’s most intriguing.
Expected Release: 2/27

Sorority Noice – You’re Not As _____ As You Think
When 2015’s Joy, Departedwas released, Sorority Noise completely changed people’s perceptions of what their band could be. Once thought to be a side project that frontman Cameron Boucher started in between records for his first project, Old Gray, Sorority Noise cranked up the emotion on Joy, Departed, and parlayed their improved songwriting into a national tour with Bayside last summer, as well as tirelessly trekking across the globe. With anticipation at an all-time high, this band that has come seemingly out of nowhere are poised to make another major leap forward.
Expected Release: 3/17

Circa Survive
If Anthony Green’s announcement onstage during the On Letting Go anniversary tour is to be believed, the 6th album from Circa Survive is coming “very, very soon.” That’s yet to be seen, given there have been no announcements (or even announcements about announcements) about a title, single, or release date. Despite the lack of information, Circa Survive have been uncharacteristaclly quiet since 2014’s Descensus, and the fact that Green has no commitments to either his solo work or the ongoing Saosin reunion suggests that will end shortly. Color me all kinds of excited for this one.
Expceted Release: TBA

After being pulled onto bigger and bigger tours opening for the likes of Bring Me the Horizon and some band called Fall Out Boy, PVRIS simply haven’t had the time to pen the follow-up to their insanely successful Rise Records debut White Noise. Sure, we got a deluxe edition featuring a few new songs, but the potential PVRIS have already shown should have everyone foaming at the mouth for more music from the Massachusetts trio. Lynn Gunn’s status as iconic scene frontwoman is already cemented, now we’re about to find out how brightly she can shine.
Expeceted Release: TBA

It’s been four (FOUR!) years since the band’s self-title brought them even more mainstream success, but with the second departure of Jeremy Davis and reunion with original drummer John Farro (for recording only), there are even more question marks around Paramore’s next album than their last. However, I’ll be happy to bet money on the fact that Hayley Williams can write a few more monster choruses and keep everyone singing along once again.
Expected Release: TBA

Manchester Orchestra
After working tirelessly to create a unique double-album experience (2014’s Cope and Hope), followed up by Andy Hull’s successful score of the sleeper movie Swiss Army Man, Manchester Orchestra’s future has never been more wide open. This makes the prospects of their (technically) fifth studio album very tantalizing, as the band’s sound can go in so many directions, and they have the talent to pull it all off. What’s most exciting is that a new album will likely spur a new tour, and Manchester Orchestra’s live show takes their music to another level. Oh, and did I mention there are chances that a Julien Baker collaboration may be included? Sign me up, and I’m going to go ahead and sign Craig up, too.
Expected Release: TBA

A bit of a genre-bending pick here, but ever since I listened to a friend’s recommendation to check out the Haim sisters’ debut Days Are Gone, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a follow-up. The band’s pop hooks and rock chops provide a backbone for a very experimental approach, as they’ve garnered attention from all kinds of genres. There’s a lot of hype to live up to, but these sisters have taken their time to tighten the screws (even canceling a European tour last year to do it), and I’m hoping for a summer release that leaves me no choice but to roll the windows down and sing along.
Expected Release: TBA

Brand New
Here we go again. Every year, I’m faced with the same question: is this the year Brand New finally releases a new album? We’ve been spoiled over the last few years, with the releases of “Mene,” “I am a Nightmare,” and Three Demos, Reworked providing just enough hope to string us along. Last year, we seemed to get another step closer, with the band announcing that they were planning to release an album in 2016 (though they never did) before embarking on the anniversary tour for The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. If the band’s ominous marketing is to be believed, the band is headed for its end in 2018, and it would be a shame if this “collection” of theirs never saw the light of day before they end their prolific career. So, will this be the year? How the hell would I know? I’m just a guy with a blog.
Expected Release: Probably Never


With so many albums coming out each year, it’s hard to pick 9 or 10 (or more) and feel like you got them all. I’m just now realizing that I forgot to mention The Killers, but whatever. So what are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to let me know on Twitter. Let’s get 2017’s loaded slate of albums started!