Weekly Statement July 16

Hello, friends! Welcome to Week 2 of The Weekly Statement, a recap of the week in news in the scene. Last week was the realization of something I’d wanted to do for a long time, and I’m excited to keep it going through these summer months and beyond. As always, this is just a means to keep you caught up, and you’re more than welcome to tell me what I missed. Enjoy!


New Release of the Week: Bring Me the Horizon – “Happy Song” 

That umbrella image that BMTH kept teasing has finally been explained, in the form of a new single. “Happy Song” follows the same vein that “Drown” showcased, as the band seem to be taking a bit of the edge off of their vocals, resulting in a sound that lends itself favorably to modern rock radio. However, there’s still plenty of the signature  Bring Me the Horizon sound to go around, as the profanity-laden chorus and metalcore-infused breakdown and children’s choir that they use so wonderfully are still there. The band didn’t stop at releasing “Happy Song” this week, either, announcing that they’ve made the move to mahor label Columbia. They’ve garnered some of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen on the Warped Tour Main Stage, and it looks like Bring Me the Horizon is about to get even bigger.


Announcement of the Week: Silversun Pickups – Better Nature

Better Nature


Silversun Pickups, one of Craig’s all-time favorites, have gone the route that seemingly so many bands have opted for recently, and are going independent for their fourth studio album, Better Nature. With no label holding them back, they’ll be able to further explore the boundaries of their alt/post-rock sound, and that’s a great sign of things to come for the band. They’ve been very, very quiet since Neck of the Woods came out, but now it seems that they’re taking their career into their own hands. Bands like Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, and Cartel have proven that bands with enough talent can make it work on thier own, and it’s safe to say that Silversun Pickups are a sure bet to belong to that breed of bands as well. Better Nature comes out September 25, and preorders are up now.


Random Internet Thing of the Week: Suicide Squad Trailer

San Diego hosted their annual Comic Con this week. Despite the fact that this is a music blog, everyone at TGS is also a big fan of movies. Comic Con is basically like getting to peek at your Christmas Presents early for movie fans, and this year’s version did not disappoint. With Marvel too busy filming Captain America: Civil War and who knows what else they’ve got going on, the time had finally come for DC Comics to steal the show in Hall H. Boy, did they ever. After a 3-minute trailer for next March’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the oft-maligned comic company surprised everyone by bringing out almost every major actor in the other movie they’re releasing in 2016: the supervillain-turned-super hero team movie Suicide Squad. Starring Hollywood juggernaut Will Smith as Deadshot, leading TV lady Viola Davis as boss-lady Amanda Waller, and the perfectly-cast Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (which seriously might be the most fitting casting for a super hero movie since Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man). Oh, and did we mention that Jared Leto is playing the Joker? Because Jared Leto is playing the Joker. The trailer may be long, but if you stick around until the end, you’ll get your first glimpse of his portrayal of the role, which shows that he has serious potential to live up to the massive shoes left behind by Heath Ledger. Now that he’s playing such a dark, complex character, I can’t wait to hear what the next 30 Seconds to Mars album sounds like.

Song of the Week: Modern Baseball – “When You Were Young (The Killers Cover)”

Festivals are a magical thing to experience, and Skate and Surf 2015 was no exception. Leading off  the main stage on Sunday, Modern Baseball were playing one of their most popular songs, “The Weekend.” As is their custom, during the end of the song, they broke into a modern rock hit in the middle of it; in this case, it was bassist Ian Farmer singing the chorus of “Santeria.” After a moderate jam session ended, the band broke into the first single from Sam’s Town, and one of the best songs The Killers have ever written. With Farmer leading the vocals again, the band did a surprisingly great job doing the song justice, and it was one of the best memories I took home with me from that weekend. Thanks to YouTube, those of you who couldn’t make it out to Asbury Park that weekend are able to see what I’m talking about.

Looking Forward to Next Week: The Garden Statement’s Warped Tour Coverage!

By the time I’m posting this next week, The Garden Statement will have attended and covered Warped Tour for the 3rd time in 4 years, and we’re so excited to share what we experience with all of you. We’re always excited to cover shows, and we’re doing our best to make sure that this is the most successful trip to Warped Tour we’ve ever had. We’ll be at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sunday, and we hope to see you there!


That’s all for now, folks! It was a surprisingly slow week in the scene, but with TGS’s Warped coverage coming next week, we’ll be back with a vengeance next week! Until next time, feel free to let us know what stood out to you this week in the comments or by hitting me up on Twitter!