Weekly Statement Jul 9

Hello, friends! We here at The Garden Statement are always looking to freshen things up and add something new to our mix of reviews, interviews, and whatever else our minds churn out. One thing I’ve always wanted to tackle was a weekly recap of the news that gets everyone talking throughout the scene in any given week. The new releases, new announcements, and anything else we’re able to find gives us a neverending soundtrack, and it’s difficult to keep pace at times. Which brings us to this very post, which I am hoping will be the first of many. It’s called The Weekly Statement (for now), and in it we’ll be presenting you with what we feel is the most important things to take away from the week in music. It’s important to note to you right now that this will be posted on Thursdays, so at times there will be things that we miss simply because we will have posted it too early in the week to respond. I can go on and on outlining what this project will look like, but I’d rather stop right here, and simply show you. Let’s see how this goes.


New Release of the Week: Coheed and Cambria – “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid”

Our first item will highlight something new this week. It could be in the form of an album released, a new song, new music video, you get the idea. Basically, it’s something new that we just got a taste of this week. In this week’s case, we have the first song from Coheed and Cambria’s seventh full-length album, The Color Before the Sun. “You’ve Got Spirit, Kid” is the first Coheed track you’ll ever hear that doesn’t coincide with the band’s now-infamous conceptual discography called The Amory Wars, as the band will be leaving that umbrella behind and will be writing without any storyline in mind for the first time in their careers. From what you can tell from this first track, the freedom has allowed Coheed a clean slate that will leave fans guessing as to which of the band’s many possible sonic directions they’ll go into. As a longtime fan of the band, I’m super intrigued by Coheed’s decision to drop The Amory Wars storyline, as I think this will give them a chance to prove once and for all that they’re one of the most unique and talented bands ever to grace this scene.


Announcement of the Week: All Time Low’s “Back to the Future Hearts” Tour with Sleeping With Sirens 


Back to the Future Hearts

Up next, we’re highlighting something that was announced this week (a tour, an album, a vinyl release, etc.) that has us excited, intrigued, or has piqued our interest in any way. This week’s big announcement came down today, with All Time Low announcing their second consecutive headlining arena tour behind their first #1 album, Future Hearts. It’s been a banner year for All Time Low, and that momentum will continue thanks to their relentless touring regimen. This time around, they’ll be joining another band who released a top-5 album this year, Sleeping With Sirens. There have been plenty of other things to be excited about this week (including Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins announcing a new 7-inch series), but this one stuck out to me because of the confidence All Time Low has in Sleeping With Sirens’ appeal. On their spring tour, All Time Low took out big-time buzz bands Issues, Tonight Alive, and State Champs to help draw massive crowds. This time around, however, they’re relying on their own star power, and the star power that SWS have attained over the past few years. Enlisting relatively unknown Japanese band One OK Rock (who are coming off a support run touring with Yellowcard) as the only other opening act, and seemingly putting Sleeping With Sirens on the same line of the admat as if it’s a co-headlining tour (hell, maybe it is?) shows that All Time Low see a potential juggernaut of a touring-mate in Sleeping With Sirens. It’s an unexpected pairing, and the unlikelihood of it has me very interested in going out to a stop of this tour.


Random Internet thing of the Week

Maysa Askar VRIS

Lynn Gunn of PVRIS – Photo by Maysa Askar

This section, I’ll be honest, is going to be an enigma. Every week, I spend hours scrolling various websites (Twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram, and anything else that catches my eye), and this spot will be a place for me to post some things that I think are cool and that I think you will think are cool too. This week’s just happens to relate to the music our show/blog covers; I cannot promise that will happen every week. I wanted to start with something cool, though, so this picture of the fast-rising PVRIS will do just fine. One of the most underrated parts of the summer is seeing all of the great shots photographers get of artists on Warped Tour. This one was taken by Maysa Askar, who is one of my absolute favorite concert photographers right now. Clicking her name will take you to her tumblr page, which features even more great shots of your favorite bands, and you can access her official website here.

Song of the Week: The Early November – “Digital Age (Full Band Version)”

Since there’s a chance that, between the New Release of the Week and the Announcement of the week, there won’t be any songs shown to you, I’m using this space to showcase a song that’s been blowing out my speakers in my car, headphones, or iPod dock this week. Since The Early November’s Imbue came out, it’s been catching everyone by surprise, and while I could have gone with one of the new songs, it’s been the full-band treatment TEN gave to “Digital Age” is breathtaking. Some fans were fortunate enough to see this rendition played live in previous tours since their reformation (and the release of In Currents, where the original version of the song can be found), but to hear the studio version is to experience the song in a big, new, beautiful way.


Looking Forward to Next Week: Jim Adkins’s solo debut Jim Adkins

He’s spent the better part of the last two decades creating timeless emo anthems for Jimmy Eat World, but with the band in a bit of a break after touring in support of Damage, Jim Adkins is finally stepping out on his own. The release of his 7-inch EP series will be staggered, with one song per week coming out for the next six weeks. Tomorrow, we’ll see the first of three original songs called “I Will Go,” and next Friday will see the first of three cover songs, with “Give Me a Sweetheart” by The Everly Brothers leading off. It’s an awesome, interesting way to roll out new material, and I can’t wait to see what Adkins has to offer as a solo artist. I just hope he doesn’t go all City and Colour on us and we still get a new Jimmy Eat World album, too.


TGS Content Round-Up
Last but not least, this weekly wrap-up would fail completely if it didn’t include all of the content The Garden Statement put out this week as well. Here it is, in convenient list form:

-Craig took time out of his busy schedule writing for AbsolutePunk.net (How cool is that?!) to present his Top 20 albums of 2015 (So Far)
-If you missed it, you can also take a look at my Mid-Year 2015 AOTY List as well. Keep your eye out for Maddy’s list next week!
-Last but not least, WTSR Underground posted their session with Rozwell Kid, one of our favorite bands from Skate and Surf 2015. Check out the band’s performance in the Kendall Hall Basement!

And there you have it, folks: our first Weekly Statement is in the books! Did you enjoy it? Is there anything you think we need to add? What news came out this week that you took notice to? Leave it in the comments, or feel free to let me know on Twitter!